Outstanding must have Characteristics of Remote Proctoring Software

The ongoing health crisis has moved education and talent assessment online. Since nobody knows how long the examination will take, companies, colleges, and universities will be working online. Universities and colleges are taking the help of online exam software for conducting easier examinations using remotely proctored exam. As far as maintaining the fairness of the exam, remote proctoring permits students to take various assessments from remote locations. Many people are unaware of remote proctoring. 

It is a process of invigilating the exam remotely. It is just a fancy word for an invigilator to monitor the candidate during the exam. During a physical exam, a teacher is physically present around the student. However, in online examination, students give exams remotely, which means there is no way out to maintain the integrity of exams. Remote proctoring is making invigilation more effective and straightforward. After ending the online exam, the report is generated which determines the student’s performance. Therefore, digital education has made education engaging and supportive. The power of online education is helping school administration for conducting seamless examination processes like programming, scheduling, and invigilation. 


Features of Online Proctoring Software 

There are many features of remote proctoring software for seamless processing of the online examination also, maintaining its authenticity. Some of them are as follows: 

  • • It can integrate with the existing pre-assessment engine and avail of the proctoring benefits. 
  • • Remote proctoring software offers screen sharing, audio-video live, and view options. 
  • • It provides robust automation by eliminating manual intervention. 
  • • Remote proctoring software offers a comprehensive report for evaluating the student’s performance throughout the test. 

Can candidates cheat during the remotely proctored exam? 

It is not possible for a candidate to cheat during remotely proctored exam. With many advanced characteristics, it is almost a negligible chance for cheating in the examination. Universities and colleges are dependent on this form of technology for authentic examination. 

Hence, remote proctoring software is a crucial support for conducting online examinations. Moreover, after the pandemic, it has continued education. It has gained acceptance across the nation for meeting the requirements of institutions. Also, it has eased the online examination process and security. Therefore, it is best suited for online exams. Also, it has expanded the speed of delivering the examination. 

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