How Can You Remotely Proctor Exams on LMS?

The learning management system market is anticipated to flourish from USD 13.38billion to USD 44.48billion in 2028. From not so popular to spectacular turning, the LMS journey is exceptional in the education domain. Also, it is witnessing remarkable development worldwide. Its meteoric growth and its distribution in learning and examination in online examination in between the pandemic. Educators are lacking a means for ensuring continuity for learning. However, it is not so easy, LMS providers are playing a significant role who are working proactively in meeting the user’s demand. 

However, in today’s world LMSs are equivalent to education, providing end-to-end solutions with unique features and functionalities. LMSs’ ability to permit proctoring within makes it a preferred choice for universities and colleges. The emergence of LMS has developed veritable possibilities for educators in managing information in one place. Teachers can set online exams in one tape. 


What is Remote Proctoring within LMS? 

Remote proctoring within LMS refers to that teachers can begin the cheat-proof online exam without leaving their LMS. They allow teachers to evaluate students and course participation from within. A requisite to LMS proctoring is that students must ensure proctoring on their devices by accepting screen and video sharing. 

How to proctor within LMS? 

LMS can proctor anything right from small class assessments to mid-level semester exams. Students can download chrome and follow the following steps for a smooth online examination

  • Students can log in to LMS using their credentials 
  • Students can start test 
  • Students take the test 
  • Students complete the exam 
  • The result is shared on LMS 

If the examiner wishes to view the candidate count and test taker report proctoring with multiple assessments. They can directly do it from LMS. Also, it is easy for them to track many test-takers. Besides, that, the dashboard controls the exam. LMS proctoring consist of a live chat box, which enhances interaction with test taker. Meanwhile, the user experience would remain the same for initiating the remotely proctored exam. After covid-19 disruption, remote proctoring has shaped the assessment ecosystem. Online examination is a future of education to embrace the technology and streamline the examination process. The AI-based tool can keep track on the movement of the candidate giving the exam. 

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