How Think Exam ensures cheat protection in online examination

Conventional classroom exams involve a lot many challenges for the administrators but the big time challenge is cheating. Countering this challenge is a grave task and has given rise to many plans and techniques from the side of administration, eventually leading to the same outcome that is, cheating. Students never lack creativity when it comes to developing an innovative plan for passing the test in an easy manner.


Always giving new situation to the administrators that can increase their difficulty one being, the re-conduction of test due to termination of the exam. For this purpose online assessment software are developed to counteract the complications created by old time schooling techniques.

Think Exam – Assured to be cheat proof

Think Exam software is an online examination platform developed to give the online assessment industry a new level of experience while conducting exams. Providing diverse features that set itself apart from other same genre of online assessment software, in the industry, think exam is a leader in providing solution to various test taking challenges that are creating a trouble for the administrators.

Amongst varied features one of the most significant attribute of think exam is towards countering the obstacle of cheating. By providing an anti-cheat feature which ensures cheat protection in 3 different steps, think exam will prevent you from the obstacle causing uncertainty of copied answers while testing your students.

Shuffling of questions

think exam is a smart online testing platform knowing how to defend the cheating strategy of students. Changing the sequence of questions for every alternate student, think exam ensures cheat proof examination procedure. The students don’t stand a chance to copy the same answers as they are unaware of whose question paper is arranged in what order. But this is not the only mechanism to eradicate cheating as here it has got another feature that is:

  • Shuffling of answersShuffling of questions is no doubt quite helpful in preventing cheating but think exam team took a step forward to make this feature more secure. In shuffling of answers the sequence in which the answers are arranged gets changed for every student. So the hand gestures of tracing alphabets in the air and verbal communication discussing the right option is not an issue anymore. No same question and no same answer, cutting down the probability of cheating to almost nil.

Question bank- generating randomized questions

This feature gives leverage to the administrator who is creating the test. Suppose the administrator has created a question paper consisting of total 100 questions then while the students will be giving the exam they will be getting 10 randomized questions out of those 100 questions. This feature will create an entirely different question paper for every student who is attempting the test.

This way online assessment platform has entirely changed the trend of copying the answer sheets, giving students the hard time to cheating and easy days to the administrators. Switching to online exam has only imparted more ease to the test creators by fulfilling their ever test creating need in every possible manner.

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