How Artificial Intelligence is used in Online Proctoring Examinations?

Every day, technology advances to new heights. The use of an online examination system has also accelerated the advancement of accessible technology. But often one of the prominent arguments is that there is a possibility of compromise on security and fairness in the online exam platform. Artificial Intelligence has been making attempts every day to minimize the restrictions of online examination by giving several remote proctoring solutions. These solutions are divided into three categories, live online proctoring, recorded proctoring and AI Proctoring. 

Proctors of Online Exam platform

  1. Do you remember the class invigilator? Who used to look after you and your sheets constantly to prevent and identify any act of unfair means. In the same manner, live online proctoring takes place except for the part of an invigilator roaming around your seat. In live online proctoring, a human proctor monitors you via live audio and video. Throughout the examination, there is ongoing observation and inspection, and they can intervene instantly if there are any questionable actions.

  2. In recording proctoring, the activities are recorded including the candidate’s screen and audio throughout the examination. Which later are saved for review purposes by a human invigilator anytime and only then the results are announced after the thorough processing of the recorded audio and video of the examination.

  3. In the Artificial Intelligence proctoring approach, there is rarely any intervention or need for any man force. As a result, it is the most cost-effective option among the other alternatives. To create and proclaim the test status, this remote proctoring software examines, predicts, and registers various activities. There are different kinds of AI proctoring.

Artificial Intelligence that can be used as a proctor in the Online examination system

In the online examination system, the AI Proctoring vary on different levels of audio, video and image processing.

  • In audio proctoring, the AI comprehends the sound patterns and assesses them in a manner to differentiate whether the environment during the examination is normal or skeptical.

  • In video proctoring, the AI proctors observe and verify the identity of the candidate who is supposed to appear on an online exam platform. There are intensive and multiple identification and layers of detection. Even if the candidate is referring to a book or any other device while attempting exams, the AI can recognize that as well through the eye movement of the candidate.

  • The image proctoring method of A.I captures a candidate’s images when they appear for an online proctored test. At regular intervals, the candidate’s system captures photos, which are then submitted to the test administrator for manual checking if necessary and for the records as well. 

From its inception, the examination platform has been updating itself continuously and vigorously, be it in terms of its features or importance. These remote proctoring solutions are shaping the online examination to be more secure and safe and keep it fair for everyone. 

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