Online Exams Conducting Company in India

Think Exam is a subsidiary of Ginger Webs, which is an offline and online exam conducting company that caters to all kinds of assessment needs of Educators, Corporate, PSU’s and Survey organizers. The vast automate assessment creating platform of Think Exam is completely customizable and perfectly renders the best of service through its diverse and robust features. With years of experience and dedication, Think Exam has successfully built a client base of 2000+ customers from around the world hence, proving the eminence of its quality.


Online exams conducting company

With 8 years of efficient delivery to the customers and helping some of the big educational industry giants in conducting large scale online assessments, Think Exam understands the requirements of its clients and very well understands the sensitive points of conducting online assessments. We rule out all the possibilities of lag or error by keeping our platform up-to-date according to the industry standards. The main forte of this assessment platform is the optimum usage of technology in bringing out best of its usage.

While Think Exam has attained a comprehensive understanding of the need of security and high-end features in conducting online assessments, it has also succeeded in providing the very same to its clients without any imperfection.

Think Exam features at a glance –

 – Create your very own personalized question pool

  •  – You can arrange and group questions according to the assessment pattern
  •  – Conduct quiz out of randomized questions
  •  – Directly import your word files
  •  – 8 different types of question patterns can be created
  •  – Hassle free management of question creation that can be accordingly divided into subjects as well as topics.

 – Think Exams automatic synchronized platform efficiently syncs all the data irrespective of its functioning on web or a mobile device.

 – Data analysis and management is a huge priority for any administrator and so we have created this online exam portal with well-managed data analysis features that classify the data in 5 different types of reports to evaluate the candidates performance

 – Think Exam has every feature to be perfect online examination software and one of its most on point feature is anti-cheat that gives 100% accuracy in controlling cheating.

All its features are constantly updated to never lag behind in performance. Think Exam’s highly user friendly interface ensures easily usable techniques and does not require and professional knowledge. If you are planning to integrate an online exam portal in your assessment conducting techniques then Think Exam makes a perfect choice for you.

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