Advantages of using an online examination system?

The examination is considered to be the most important phase of checking the knowledge and analyze the ability of a candidate. It is a test that is conducted to mark the performance of the applied group. The examination may be a written test, oral viva, an on-screen questionnaire or a practical test. With the advancement of science and technology, the examination process too has experienced a major enhancement.

Considering the example of ancient times when students were asked to perform physical tasks in order to prove their capabilities. But now, we have switched to the use of modern paper-free computer based online examination systems. The procedure to learn and appear in such examinations is simple offering advance functionalities.

Listed below are few major advantages of using an online examination system;

Easy Accessibility and Flexibility

The only requirement for the online examination system is of a computer device provided with a smooth internet connection. This allows the examination authorities to have easy allocation of assessments. Even the candidates from vivid locations who are registered for different courses can easily take the test using this online platform simultaneously.

Furthermore, using the online examination will also be reducing the pain of examiner up to a considerable extend. They can present a paper in multiple languages, shuffle and randomize the sequence of the questions to prepare different sets of same question paper in order to avoid cheating among the candidates.

Time Management

Making the use of computer devices in the online examination system will contribute to save time. The steady availability of computers and sound internet connection is providing an enhanced acceptability of this system. Starting from the initial process of registration, enrollment, admit card distribution, examination and finally the announcement of results have been synthesized and simplified.

Moreover, the process of creating question papers, registering candidates for examinations, answer sheet evaluation is even easier on this system. Each of the student gets a fair opportunity to perform and showcase the subjected knowledge and conceptual clarity.

Improved Security

The online examination platform with advance functionality features will help in conducting controlled and coordinated exams. An examiner can easily randomize the question sequence, shuffle in between the tentative choices, restrict the movement of the aspirants. If required can define instructions, penalize on wrong attempts, increase the number of choices in order to increase the difficulty level of the paper.

The data security is maintained in this system, considering the confidentiality and reputation of the organization. The entire content is safely stored and can easily be used for efficient forefront analysis.

Inexpensive and Greener

The online examination system is considered to be the modern assessment and examination platform. It will have a low-cost assembly and maintenance, making it economical for the authorities and the appearing candidates.

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