Add color to your Think Exam panel! “Attractive themes” to brighten your assessments!

Think Exam, the leading online assessment software is a product of Ginger Webs, the company which prides on providing technology-based testing and assessment solutions to the world of education. With regular enhancements to the Think Exam platform, it has very recently introduced the functionality of “Theme Manager” and the option to change text and icon color from black to white and vice-versa.

“We are thrilled to announce this new functionality to our users as we continuously strive to bring the best of our efforts to the convenience of our clients”. Adding the “Theme Manager” option gives a new innovative side to the panel, making it more attractive and bright to the users- both administrators as well as candidates.

Accordingly, the text and icon color can also be changed from black to white and vise-versa whichever is suitable in contrast with the header and footer theme.

Think Exam has been rendering the best of its service in the field of automating assessments since the year 2010. The product has been praised and trusted by 2000+ clients from around the globe, making it by far the best online assessment platform. The clientele ratio ranges from various educational and corporate backgrounds, thus Think Exam is the most recognized online exam software in schools, colleges, institutes, Government/PSU, and even corporate.

“Our motto is to empower the education sector with best of assessment facilities, making it a seamless process for both the examiner and the examinee”Ginger Webs. With every passing year, Ginger Webs adds a new milestone to its infinite journey of success and hopes to bring new possibilities to its clients, maintaining its record of being a dedicated client-centric company.

To learn more about Think Exam 4.0 functionalities, and features or to book a schedule with our assistant for a free demo contact +91 7303873111.

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