5 Benefits of Video Interviews in hiring process you didn’t know about!

“Over 40% of recruiters have started to use some form of video interview in their recruitment process.”

Going through long hours of scrutinizing the resumes, preparing and evaluating tests after which scheduling the interviews… well, almost all recruiters have experienced the pain of seeing all of these efforts go in vain. This is also one of the main reasons why recruiters started using online exam software for recruitment process! Even after putting so much dedication, the recruiters can never be sure if they are keeping their hopes high for the wrong candidate.

The hiring process is witnessing a visible change these days! Technology is changing the overall landscape of the hiring process, making it all the more streamlined and providing a better experience for both the recruiter and job seeker. While online assessment software can help in creating, conducting and evaluating all sorts of pre-employability assessments, other types of software such as the ones used for conducting live interviews have greatly helped in easing up the hiring methods.

Live video interviews are gaining a lot of fame in recruitment sectors, but why? Read on to know…


Reduces hiring time

The competition to hire the best candidates is fierce and the only way to get your job fit candidates is to approach them ASAP. Yes… pick out your candidates first and this is only possible when you can connect with them through a live video interview. Many recruiters also use online assessment software for pre-employability tests, but video interviews have proven to be more effective.

Approaching your candidates at the very initial stage of hiring through video interview gives you the chance to acquire them much sooner. Video interviews act as a gateway to reach out to potential candidates faster, reducing the chances for your competitors to get their hands on those candidates first.

Maintains the quality of hires

“Lack of recruitment strategies and depending only on resumes lead to 46 percent of all new hires fail within 18 months of time span (According to Source)

Resumes can be deceiving when it comes to analyzing the quality of a candidate. Making your hiring process entirely dependent on resumes can ruin the quality of hires. Video interviews are beneficial in this way as they give you practical means for making the judgment. You can directly inquire about their experience and knowledge without being deceived by written words in the resume.

Avoid “no-show” frustration

Calling the candidates and then inviting them to your organization for an interview is a standard process for any type of hiring. But only recruiters can know how frustrating it gets to wait for the candidate only to experience a no-show. To simplify this time-consuming process it is best to conduct a video interview.

Video interviews can be timed according to the availability of the candidate. Still, if the candidate chooses to not appear for the video interview or leaves it mid-way then you are sure to not waste your time on the candidate anymore.

Recognize unsuitable candidates

According to research “66% of companies will train and hire candidates who may be lacking in skills but have potential.”

Skills can be developed but only if the candidate has got potential. Video interviews are good to recognize both the potential candidates as well as the unsuitable candidates.

When a candidate walks in most of the recruiters are able to recognize if the candidate will be suitable for the job role or not. Recruiters are intuitive on the level of detecting potential but they cannot reject the candidate right-away. Many times they have to go through the entire process of the interview. Video interview gives the recruiter a clear picture of the candidate’s potential within the first 30 seconds itself after which the process can be discontinued.

Reduces the “bias factor”

“Approx. 60% of interviewers will make a decision about a candidate’s suitability within the first 15 minutes of meeting them. Some will have done it before the interview even happens.”

Bias factor is known to cloud the judgment of recruiters. No matter how professional or experienced the interviewer is, but subconscious bias does affect the quality of the interview.

For example, the dressing style, way of walking, choice of footwear or even the hand gestures of the candidates can develop a certain level of bias in the interviewer.

With a video interview, the focus is mainly on the candidate’s answers and what sort of knowledge he/she possesses.


Online exam software for recruitment process has gained a lot of fame in the last few years but live video interview is a new craze that is taking the world of recruitment by storm. With its innumerable benefits for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee, live video interview is the ultimate tool for the recruitment domain.



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