What is the use of tags in Think Exam?

Think Exam is the best platform to prepare, practice and perform in the examination. This online examination system provides primitive tools and added features with an impressive user interface. The user can easily create a variety of online assessments to the candidates preparing for examination, competition, recruitment, and more.


The Tag is to bookmark the defined question. The user can create multiple questions using tags in accordance to the relevance. For example the user can create tags for English poets like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Milton, Ben Jonson, etc.

The admin can easily search questions of the famous English poets to make and assign an assessment to the group of candidates preparing for English literature. Similarly, the question for competitive papers like IIT, GATE, SAT, GRE can be tagged using the tag option in the admin panel of this online test maker.

Using Think Exam, the assignee can create online assessments. The unlimited repository of questions in the question bank can easily be bifurcated using the tags that have been marked while defining the question.

The admin if wanted to prepare an assessment for the group of candidates preparing for IIT-JEE entrance examination, so can easily filter the previous year questions. The tag search filter will help in efficient searching of the required questions from the question bank. The selected questions can be used to create test and or a product formed by clubbing multiple tests.

Now, use tags for efficient searching of questions from the created unlimited repository of thousands of questions on this premium online examination system.

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