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A Robust, Feature Rich & Scalable Online Exam Platform

Truly Platform Independent Available on: Web, Android & iOS
Choose from Various Question Types Multiple Choice Question, Subjective, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, True & False, Essay Type, Single Digit
Optimum Reporting System Admin: Sales Report, Test Report, Student Report, Test Feedback Report Test Report: Score Card, Subject Wise Report, Solution Report, Question Wise Report and Compare Yourself
Certificates & Awards
Simple & Easy way to create your test
Easy to use & intuitive test creation interface Just add your questions & create your tests, even in multiple languages.
Assign to students instantly Assign tests to students with a click, eliminating time consuming & manual hard work.
Conduct Exams on Mobile and Web Thinkexam is available on Web, Android & iOS Platform. Experience seamless & Anytime, Anywhere access to your tests.
Publish Results Instantly Get access to detailed analysis and test reports immediately after finishing the test. Say goodbye to manual assessments.