5 things to keep in mind for the CBT exam for IELTS

It is almost three-decade, the IELTS exam has been conducted conventionally. However, after the advent of the CBT exam, it emphasized delivering education. IELTS exam would be the same as both CBT and PBT exams. The test format, question types, and scoring format everything would be similar. Students are opting for an online way of attempting for the IELTS exam it is offering faster results and is a good option for giving the exam. 

Advantages of CBT test online 

There are many advantages of the CBT test online for IELTS, here are a few points; 

  • Earlier, candidates used to give exams through conventional methods now, they can give on a computer as well. 
  • There are multiple sessions in a single day as compared to the traditional method of exams. 
  • It offers faster delivery of results 
  • CBT test is convenient for the students to give exams anywhere and anytime. 

IELTS exam consists of 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking  

Points to keep in mind for CBT Test: 

  1. Components under CBT test: Similar to Paper Based Test, listening, reading, and writing modules would be the same in the CBT test. IELTS speaking test would be the same face-to-face by the examiner. He will assess the candidate’s speaking and writing skills.
  2. Time is taken in result generation: It takes 3-5 days to generate results.
  3. Would the CBT test hamper the results: No, It will take time to get familiar with the CBT test, and it would not hamper the results. As per the observations, the CBT test is more convenient and is similar to the PBT test. Your performance would play a role in enhancing your results.
  4. Operations of CBT test: CBT test centers are less crowded compared to the PBT test, the rest of everything would be the same. The human examiner evaluates the speaking test.
  5. How it would be helpful for test-takers: The advantage of the CBT exam online is that it makes it more convenient for test-takers to write down the answers, and more time for restructuring and editing the content within the given time frame. 

With the CBT exam, you can appear in exams with a small group of people. It is turning out to be a remarkable shift in the examination domain. It is easy to appear in exams with a small group of people. But, the test taker needs to get familiar with the CBT test and enjoy its advantages.  

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