Distance Learning replacing Classroom Learning: Rise of Remote Proctoring

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the education system was altered drastically. The complete education system has moved towards online learning. With the disruption in traditional methods of learning, students have moved on to digital learning. Many universities and colleges have started relying on remotely proctored exams for assessing the knowledge of students. Hence, it is clear that online education is replacing classroom learning. 


Traditional classroom learning is inflexible and restrictive. After the advancement of technology, schools are offering effective ways of learning through the web. This shift is reshaping the inheritance of learning and assessments. Whereas, in online learning, students can study in their busy schedules and achieve a quality of education. Also, by sitting at home, students can access education worldwide. It is a path of secure learning through the internet. It is expanding the way of assessment as it is more effective in teacher’s modality. Also, it is serving as a backbone for meta-analytical study. Technological has become a necessary solution in the education domain in the initial apprehension. 

Origin of online education

Students are seeking online education as it is a pathological landscape. Colleges and universities are focusing on web-based learning and implementing online learning to meet the student’s needs. With online learning, students can access various study materials. As far as maintaining the integrity of exams is concerned, a remote proctoring solution is playing a significant role in maintaining the authenticity of the exam by cheat-proof exams and raising flags if anything is found suspicious. Schools officials and universities have moved on to online examinations for seamless examination. Therefore most of the teaching is done remotely, now teachers can assess exams and can teach from remote locations. The impact of digital learning is revolutionizing how students are accessing to information. 

Rise of remote proctoring

According to the research, most of the students are affected by the covid-19 pandemic, which is why the e-learning market is flourishing, which is why remote proctoring is emerging. It is playing a role in validating the online exam and it is witnessing growth across the globe. A student needs a good internet connection and sufficient RAM for a smooth examination. Still, innovation and adaptability have made it an ideal choice for schools and universities. It can record computer screen, movement, and chat records. It has altered the industry’s growth and adoption for learning new concepts. 

Hence, it is proven that distance learning is replacing classroom learning after covid-19. It is giving rise to remote proctoring solutions for validating the exam and making it reliable. 

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