Role of Secure Browser in a Remotely Proctored Exam

Online examination is flourishing and becoming necessary in today’s scenario. This is why a remote proctoring solution is much needed. After the covid-19 pandemic, institutes, and organizations have adopted the latest technology for secure online examination. Therefore, with this new technology, the opportunity of cheating has come up, and preventing cheating is the crucial thing. Everybody is aware that online exam technologies provide safe and convenient online exams. Also, it enhances the brand image and reputation of organizations.  

One of the crucial aspects is that they should know how to conduct a safe examination. The remote proctoring solution simplifies the communication between the invigilator and test taker, especially in the digital age. Universities and colleges should connect with the candidates by using new assessment technology. Students might cheat in exams to score good marks. Whereas, remote proctoring solutions offer a 360-degree control system for complete authentication. The online examination process offers security in many ways, remote proctoring ensures justice amongst the students and maintains the integrity of the exam. And, it is a pioneer in determining suspicious activity. 

Online examination is vulnerable to cheating it is increasing the demand for secure online systems for safer examination. The remotely proctored exam are programmed in a way to eliminate the risk of cheating.  

Technologies for online exam security 

Many institutes ask this question. Lack of security is a major concern in online examinations. Although, a remote proctoring solution is offering a framework to emphasize the authenticity of the exam. Amongst the various solution, there are two prominent solutions which are as follows: 

  • • Remote Proctoring: It monitors the activities of the candidate through a webcam. Also, it records the video during the online exam. It raises the flag if the student is found involved in any suspicious activity. It is an affordable solution for corporates and universities. 
  • • Secure Browser: In this option, the candidate cannot access any browser. It will make the exam safer. Control is provided by the candidate with the help of a video conferencing tool. Candidates provide access to a video conferencing tool. 

Hence, It is clearly stated that remotely proctored exams can not only authenticate the exam. Also, maintain its integrity and makes it convenient for the students as well as invigilators. It is why most organizations are dependent on the remotely proctored examination.  

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