Global talent trend for dynamic workplace

‘A good work comes with the great development’. Every employee look forward to work in a good and liberal environment. The concept of workplace is going under dramatic change. An organization wants to have a multi-generational work to facilitate the relationship between the employee and the employer. Many organizations have  the dynamics of the workplace for both employees and the employers. In this contemporary world  transforming workplace is very important by gaining insights from the market and analyzing the changes required in it. According to the changing trends in the market, Human capital is at risk as there is a skill gap and overcoming change fatigue due to the transformation. In this atmosphere, the candidate look for stability, Job security is one of the reasons for the employees quitting their job at early stage. The other reason is AI and Automation is taking up jobs in the market, but digital transformation is striving  the human approach for relationship focus. 

The future of work is basically connecting with the people and creating a work environment for enhancing young talent. A workforce can be created by sparking connection and personalizing the experience. 

Trends in changing the work environment 

Soft Skills 

In this age, Automation and AI is taking up repetitive jobs and soft skills are modifying the way of working. Most of the HR professionals believes in enhancing soft skills. Soft skills are indispensable and in today’s age they  are as important as technical skills. Soft skills include creativity, collaboration, adaptability and time management. The major challenge which organizations are facing is identifying the  right talent for the particular job role. Personality Assessments are helping recruiters to identify the right skills in a particular candidate. 91% of the employees are dependent on the soft skills. Nowadays, organizations are focusing on the soft skills rather than technical skills. For the right hiring, customers are focusing on the soft skills so that they would be able to work for the development of the company. 

Work Flexibility 

Every employee look forward to have a flexible work environment, looking at the changing trends in the market, work flexibility is playing a vital role in recognizing the appropriate talent as per the job role. In the coming years, work flexibility would change the future of HR. Multinational Companies are giving a flexible environment to grow, so that, it would give you a platform for growth and development. This has resulted in maintaining work life balance of the employees. In the healthcare sector and  medical sector, work isn’t flexible due to the nature of the industry.


Harassment at workplace is a serious issue, since the time has changed, there is a strict rule against  any kind of harassment. Irrespective of the Industry, Harassment is prohibited. It is mandatory to have a  safe work culture for women employees. A company is able to work where there is a happy atmosphere. Uncomfortable social attitude, inappropriate actions and bad behaviour could lead to discomfort in a company. In India, 87% of the companies are prevented from the harassment. Every company has its own anti-harassment policy for maintaining discipline in the company and to build a safe environment. 


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