Latest HR trend in E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is the fastest growing industry in the market, it is rising on the boom. As per the research, online shopping is a trend in the market and it has increased by 45%. It is a game changer in the online business, Moreover, It is showing tremendous growth rate in the business.

E-commerce is giving a platform for the new sellers to get recognition from the market and expand their name. Online is growing in the market with a great pace and it has come up with the new wave for expanding the reach for the brands.

Digitization is playing a significant role in the growth of the E-Commerce Industry. E-commerce has a distinctive way of working, it also has different implications for managing the workforce in the company. Digitization is impacting the work as well as the employment in the organizations. 

For HR management in E-commerce, an organization should have good personnel to maintain the magnitude of the business. Now, it an organizational role to strategize the growth of the company, also to increase the efficiency of the organization.

Human Resource of the organization plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the organization. The major role of HR is required to expand the capabilities of the organization. 

Leading companies often expand their plans according to their business growth, so they look forward to employee retention for a huge transition. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to retain skilled employees.

Many times it happens that the skilled employees ask for a high amount of salary which sometimes gets difficult for them to hire the best employees, so they look forward to outsourcing the employees.  HR is challenging in E-commerce especially in a country like India.

It is giving a wide pool of career opportunities who are expert in this sector. HR in this sector has to be up to the mark with the relevant information.


Evolving changes in HR 

 Change is constant in every Industry, In this contemporary world, E-commerce is evolving with several factors such as digitization, technological innovation, and millennial audience.  In this world, there are many other factors which are responsible for the growth of the E-commerce industry such as socio-economic, political and technical factors.



Digitization is playing a vital role in modifying our lives and our way of communicating. In today’s world, every business is digitized. Whereas E-commerce is the concern it is growing at a great pace. India is the second largest country for the smartphone user, due to this reason it becomes easy for E-commerce to grow. 


Technology and Automation 

Disruptive Technological trends are constantly giving a boom to the E-commerce industry. Artificial Intelligence is the newest technology these days, e-commerce is adopting this technology for providing great web experience to the users. As far as HR is concerned, they have become tech savvy for determining the skills of the candidate and finding the right job fit candidate with the help of online assessment. E-commerce HRs are now coming forward from their cocoon.



In this era, millennial are quite opinionated and empowered, so they are always active on social media. Now companies are adopting a new strategy for attracting millennial. Online assessments and National Talent Test are playing a significant role in hiring millennial across the world. These assessments can help e-commerce companies to find the right candidate. Social media hiring is giving rise to e-commerce in the market.


Indian E-commerce is a pool of opportunities 

Despite various challenges, Indian e-commerce is flourishing at a great pace. Asian-pacific region has surpassed the European market in the E-commerce sector. As far as the employment is the concern, E-commerce is giving immense career opportunities to the young employees, HR professionals are doing groundwork to eliminate the challenges to nurture the great work culture and to give the promising future. 

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