Strategic Thinking on Hiring a Techie

Tech professionals are hard to find and they are hard to hire as well, most of the good candidates already been hired by the good companies. Techies are high in demand and less in quantity. It is expected that there would be 2 million programming jobs by 2020.  Due to the shortage of talent, it has become difficult to fit the right candidate at the right place.

Strategic Thinking on Hiring a Techie

If we look at the things on a broader level, there are many unemployed talents in India who are not able to find a job at the right place. Along with the shortage of talent, candidates are facing difficulty in finding an accurate job which is actually creating a gap between the talent and the opportunities in the market.

For filling jobs with accurate talent, it is important to bridge the gap between the organization and the candidate. A scarcity of talent is confined on the particular platform for a candidate looking for a job.

Normally candidate uses traditional methods for finding a job such as referral drives, walk-ins, applying on job portals and social networking sites. Most on these platforms a candidate land up in the wrong situation, for instance, the job location is  30km far from the candidate’s place, then also it is not right for the candidate to join the job.

Companies should rely on digitization for initiating recruitment process as it saves lots of time and provides accurate information. This gap can be reduced by online assessments such as providing a link to the candidate with the proper link till then the link expires or cognitive Tests, Emotional Intelligence, etc.

This process would be helpful for the organization to connect with the quality candidate and helpful in handling bulk candidates at a time.


Strategies for hiring a Tech Professional


Technology is playing an important role in running a business, as technology is flourishing with a great phase it is giving rise to the job opportunities in the market. Every organization wants to stand out in the market, for this, a company needs to have a good technical team.

Nowadays hiring has become a complex process, it takes a lot of time to hire a professional. The hiring gets longer if a company is hiring for a specified role, instead of hiring best professionals an organization should avoid bad hiring. There should be a proper strategy for hiring  a techie, which are:


  • Starting with effective job Description: Recruitment starts with an effective job description. The basic cause of wrong hiring is an unclear job description. Job Description should talk to its target audience so that I would attract candidates to apply for the job. Critical Details, key information about the company should be mentioned, job role and other relevant information should be mentioned in the job description.
  • Flexibility is a key: An organization should have flexible hiring criteria so that it could adjust for the best candidate. Determining the credentials is the right strategy for finding an employee. If a company wants to speed up the hiring process then flexibility is the key.
  • Trust your guts: Apart from flexibility, an interviewer should believe his or her instincts also, it is not necessarily what is written in the resume would seem correct.  A person may look way different from his resume and he may fit the job. Websites like Think Exam can help in providing exact image about the candidate performance based on the Emotional Intelligence and aptitude test

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