Think Exam introduces new feature to add “video link” in “solution report”

Think Exam is a leading online assessment platform by Ginger Webs that has been specifically designed to simplify the assessment cycle. Its vast functionalities are created to serve various user needs and are regularly updated in accordance with the ever-changing trend in online assessment technology.

“Think Exam has introduced its very latest feature that gives choice to the admin to provide “video link” in the solution report

There are many diverse reporting features that come with Think Exam out of which solution report is specifically meant for the candidates to view the solutions of the attempted test.

Now the admin can add “video links” in the solution report which can be viewed by the candidate after completing the test attempt. This new feature is a benefit to both the admin as well as the candidate in terms of better understanding and clarity of the test.

Think Exam is a highly recognized online assessment solution that has successfully automated the assessment process for 2000+ clients from around the globe. It has made its presence in diverse sectors ranging from schools, colleges, and institutes to even corporates and Government/PSUs.

Think Exam is a repository of features that are created out of successfully integrating automation with AI that increases its efficiency and accuracy as a multifaceted online assessment platform/online quiz maker platform.

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