Why CBT test is better for conducting Exams?

The computer-based test has rapidly increased in many stages of education, such as classroom exams to competitive exams. It has made exam authorities conduct exams for the mass students. From primary to tertiary education, an examination is crucial to analyze the knowledge and skills of the student and plays a critical role in the examination process. Before digital evolution, Computer-based test was not easy. After the emergence of CBT, it has reduced the fundamental test approach. With the advent of technology conducting CBT, exams have become easier. 

What is CBT Exam? 

CBT Exam is also known as Computer Based Exam. It implies giving exams on the computer instead of pen and paper method. It saves time, and you can conduct mass examinations. 

The requirement for CBT has increased drastically in the pandemic. Hence, the education sector has come up with vulnerable changes. CBT offers an opportunity to minimize the administrative cost of conducting an examination. Also, it is playing a significant role in minimizing efforts for conducting CBT exams. In computer-based testing, candidates can attempt the test on a computer and submit an answer on the computer only. 

Moreover, it streamlines the examination process and certification conducted in multiple ways. 

Benefits of Computer Based Test 

CBT exams are helpful for many academic purposes as determining the knowledge of the student. Also, it has many advantages over the conventional examination method. Here are the few benefits of the CBT test

  • • Convenience: Students are allowed to give tests from remote locations as it will save their time in traveling. 
  • • Computer Adaptive Testing: With computer adaptive testing you can adjust the difficulty level of the test. It offers efficiency to determine the student’s knowledge. 
  • • Scalable: The CBT exam is robust you can conduct tests on multiple platforms, and make your examination process systematic. 
  • • Auto grading: CBT test online eliminates the human intervention and hassle in hiring. It can auto-grade multiple-choice questions without any problem and help institutes to generate a one-time report.
  • • Unraveling new aspects of thinking: Gamification unravels the underlying features of a student, such as problem-solving skills and thinking skills. CBT test helps in determining rational skills of decision making and personalizes tailor-made learning according to their capacity.

CBT works in many areas It leverages academic assessment and can be used in conducting certification programs, which is why many people are dependent on the CBT test because of its numerous benefits and its efficiency to conduct a mass examination. It has become a critical part of the education system. Earlier it was a time-consuming process for preparing tests examination authorities were facing problems in maintaining the authenticity of the exam. However, the CBT exam has come up as a solution for conducting hassle-free examinations. 

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