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online examinationWith the boom in technology, internet is the best gift that humans have cherished to enhance their capabilities. It has taken almost every field and most importantly the education segment. This includes the switch of traditional classrooms to smart classes that emphasis on the use of audio video aids. Even though has completely defined a new platform to the learning methodologies and the examination process.

The internet has complimented so many tools, bulk repository of information to gain knowledge and making learning an easy to go process. For examination, we do have the online examination software to analyze and score candidates on the basis of their knowledge.

Using the online exam platform, one can seamlessly add questions, create test, allocate marks, assign test to candidate and more. This made the tedious process of examination a hassle-free simplified task. Even the most reputed institutes conduct online exam to filter the cream layer of the students for the academic courses. This list includes JEE mains, CAT, BITSAT and more.

Think Exam is the best online examination platform to access and monitor the performance of students. This panel is specially designed to complement the requirement of an evaluator as well as of an aspirant.

Advantages of using Think Exam the online assessment platform:

– Easy to add question and create question paper according to the syllabus.

– No worries, of reaching the examination center. The candidate can take the exam from anywhere as they can have a remote access.

– The software is highly secured that keeps the issues of cheating and leaking of question paper far apart. This software can only be accessed using the user id and password.

– Save time to conduct exam with simplified evaluation of scores. The result generation is spontaneous and can be viewed just after completing the examination.

– The surveillance of remote system records each movement of the aspirant making it easy and reliable as no invigilator is required to monitor the movement.

Think Exam the online exam portal provides an intuitive interface with a synchronized flow of information making it easy to learn. The aspirants either preparing for the government or for the competitive examinations can practice and prepare to perform best in the final paper.

You can even create test by selecting questions for different subjects from the question bank. If required can add new questions or else upload bulk number of questions using the import excel feature. Even the candidate hailing from remote locations can compete with urban candidates preparing for the same competition.

The teachers can conduct online exam using this cost effective and reliable platform round the clock. This will help making the entire process of preparation, allocation and marking easy for the teacher. Along with this, the organizations do have switched to the use of online test in order to periodically analyze the growth and knowledge of their employees. It is a cost effective and secured platform to assess performance.

Think Exam also feature the app version that provides the easy access of this platform on your smart phone itself. So, carry your smart phone and be in touch with your studies with regular practice and instant feedback from the monitoring faculty.

Now, get such amazing benefit on a single platform log on www.thinkexam .com. If you are teacher prepare, amend and assign assessments to your students or else if you are an aspirant practice more using the online mock test series to outshine your capabilities.

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