Psychometric Test for right recruitment

Changing the way of using psychometric assessment

Psychometric Test is designed to check a candidate’s attributes as well as intellectual level. There are various types of tests available on the online market, which helps to take a company data-driven decision to meet the recruitment needs. These kinds of tests aren’t new in the industry.

They are in the market since the 20th century which was developed for educational psychology. In recent times, 80% of the companies in the US rely on a psychometric test. Psychometric Test gives an overall view of the candidate’s personality, preference, and abilities.

On the basis of it, the company hires a candidate which fits for their culture. It is the right tool which is utilized at the first stage of the recruitment as well as the screening. Due to personal decision, a psychometric test has become important for the selection process to produce accurate results based on standardized methods and statistical principles.

This test was initially known as Intelligence Test by Alfred Binet in 1905. It was a common feature by large and competitive companies as a selection process to check the skill as well as educational background.


Why we use Psychometric Test?

Psychometric Test is used due to the following reasons:

  • It is objective and unbiased, the result is based on the ability of the candidate.
  • It makes the recruitment process efficient and substantiates the HR cost.
  • It is a reliable indicator of future job performance.

The test can appear on any stage but usually, it is undertaken on these 3 stages:

  • After the submission of the application
  • Add-on to the Interview
  • Before and After the interview  


What do Psychometric Test measures?

Psychometric is originated from the Greek word ‘mental and measurement’. There are  3 main areas which psychometric determines: Capabilities, Aptitude and to identify whether you are personality fits for the job or not.  This test evaluates your intelligence and personality so that you can handle pressure and working culture of the organization.


Different Type of Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test is categorized into 3 test: Aptitude Test, skill test and personality test.


Aptitude Test:

Aptitude Test is based on the specific set of skills for which you are applying for the job. This test is divided into 3 groups :

Psychometric Test for right recruitment


Aptitude Test plays a significant role in determining the job sector as well as the role. This test is given in a specified time frame  


Skill Test

Skill Test is a way of determining how quickly a candidate can learn new skills. It depends on how an applicant scores in Aptitude Test. Both capability and skill test are assessed based on the multiple choice questions so as to check the applicant’s caliber.


Personality Test

Personality Test plays a prominent role in checking the suitability of the applicant based on his or her behavior and the way to approach work. This test evaluates whether the candidate is fit for the job and the culture to fit in.

Employer or the top level management would cross-question to indicate whether they share the same characteristics. Apart from your ability, employers look for decision making and teamwork skills. They also look for the right attitude and personality to fit in the work culture.


‘’ Identifying & utilizing your God-given Talent is your greatest chance of success in life.’’

‘’80% of the companies in the US rely on a psychometric test’’

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