How Psychometric Recruitment can give wings to your company?


Employers use many tools for checking the potential applicant, for example analyzing resumes, background reference check and conducting interviews, this whole process consists of 360-degree evaluation. Many leading companies have taken this step forward by initiating psychometric test in the interview process.

It is a formal process for evaluating the personality as well as the approach during work and whether he or she is suitable to fit in the job. Myers Briggs questionnaire classifies which candidate could fit for the particular profile.

The primary motive of psychometric recruitment is to provide objective information about the candidate, such as behavior, personality, and ability to work so as to make effective decisions.


There are four ways by which the employer utilizes psychometric Testing :

How Psychometric Recruitment can give wings to your company


Many leading corporate in the market rely on psychometric testing such as Cvent. The company should focus on some issues before implementing anything on the workforce.

There are many types of psychometric tests which a company choose according to its requirement. Once the test is being selected, proper administration is also required.

There are also some legal concerns which an employer needs to take care of:

Human Rights: Human Rights Legislation forbids a recruiter to take a decision based on any discriminatory background such as religious beliefs, caste, race, and gender. He or she is refrained from asking questions on the basis of mental background, religious beliefs, etc. Psychometric Testing can act as a complaint if a result is based on the forbidden discriminatory.  For Example:

  • ⇒ Direct Discrimination:  A psychometric test consists of direct questions based on mental Background, religious beliefs, caste, and crease. 

    It can escalate two concern: Candidate can refuse to take up the offer and he can file a complaint on the factor of the decision. On the other hand, an employer should consider the factor and accommodate it. He or she should match his or her human right needs. 

  • ⇒ Indirect Discrimination:  The employer may be condemned if the test includes the effect of any discriminatory factor. It can be problematic on which the test is based on.


Privacy: Psychometric Test involves a lot of personal information of the aspirant especially in the case of psychological and behavioral tests.

It is important employers shall ensure that the employee’s information should be kept private and he should be clear about the purpose of collecting information. Employee’s consent should be taken before the test and hence should be used as per the consent.

Any test should be taken place through reputed research and able to meet the scrutiny of the human rights perspective. Think Exam ensures that the test is meeting every requirement of the employee as well as the employer. It promotes fair decision based on the personality and abilities of the aspirant.

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