Improvised Features


Candidate Management

Add and import candidates, group similar aspirants, easily assign tests to the candidates to have a consistent track and monitor on the candidate’s performance.


Add and Import Multiple Candidates

The administrator can add candidates, to any chosen assessment or quiz using the Think exam’s admin panel. This would include the input of few initial entities for the registration of a candidate. During registration, the admin can directly associate a candidate with a required group. The admin can even add multiple candidates to a group using the import excel feature. This will include the list of required fields for each of the candidates to be uploaded on the panel using an excel file. The candidate can also register to this online examination platform through their test taker panel.

Export Candidate data

Manage and collaborate a synchronized arrangement of the candidate’s data. Easily export the candidate data from the panel in accordance with your requirement of tentative fields. The transported data in the form of an excel file can be saved for future use and reference. Illustrating an example; a candidate preparing for GRE 2015 has registered to the assessments of the same year, so now if the admin wants to check the record from prior saved data can easily track the necessary details.


Group One Course Aspirants

Club similar aspirants preparing for related courses. The candidates appearing in the same course can be grouped together in a group. Taking an example- A human resource executive can form a group of aspirants preparing for the corporate recruitment drives. Mark and share, the test, quiz or product to the targeted base of candidates. Streamlined allocation of test to a single or multiple candidates, ensuring a flexible assignment of tests. Taking another example- easy assignment of test series to the JEE and PMT group applicants.