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Value-added test settings and multi-assigning options . Customized hybrid test & quiz creation along with anti-cheat protection tools.

Best Online Quiz Creator

Six Differential Quiz and Test Templates

With the help of six sample templates, the candidates’ exposure on the online examination can be optimized and customized. In-depth analysis of different layouts and formats has been done to design the sample templates. Online Quiz Creator facilitates preview before making the final selection on the assessment portal. Timer display, calculator, the differentiated test outlook for the selected, viewed and not attempted questions are the add-on tools to enhance the user experience. Test & quiz can be created by the administrator using different user-interfaces and settings. They can also help a candidate use calculators in the mathematical section for SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test and multi-language question display for SSC, etc.

Think Exam Quiz Maker-Templates
Customize Tests with Think Exam Quiz Creator

Custom Test and Define Instructions

By defining name, describing the marking scheme, time limits, adding images, adding and importing questions, the Quiz Maker can create new test and quiz. Amend the required settings with the help of an online quiz creator that include the movement, restrictions, mandate fields, and more.

The created test and quiz can be assigned to the targeted candidate or group. Guidelines to be followed by the candidates to solve the questions can be explained. A clarity to the marking scheme for correct, incorrect, partially correct attempts, sections, questions, etc. can be provided. Certain tips and tricks for simple evaluation of the problem can be marked. For example, the use of calculators is permissible to simplify the mathematical calculation.

Advance Quiz and Test Settings

Stay one-step ahead, to redefine your examination experience. Precise scoring schemes of the created assessments can be laid out along with raising the difficulty level and controlling the atmosphere. The restriction of selection, movement, timelines etc. can be defined. To prevent any cheating in the created tests the features of shuffle in-between sections, answer options and questions within subjects can be added. The back and forward movements can be restricted or liberated. With the help of the settings provided, mandatory fields in a test can be defined.

Quiz Maker with Advance Settings Feature

Multi Test Assigning Features

Groups of the candidates who are preparing for similar courses can be created. The created test can be easily assigned to a group constituting multiple candidates by the Quiz Creator. Active links on mail, web, codes, etc. can help in marking the test.

Online Quiz Creator with Multi-Test Assigning Features
Active links
Share link using email - The test link is emailed to the candidate. Using the import of an excel file, the admin can input an email address for selective sharing.
Link test on an external website – An embedded code that will be linked on an external website to take the test is shared.
Access Code -Special access codes to provide the accessibility to the test are generated. Before taking the test the candidate has to provide the access code. For the test to start, a verification of the code is done.
Assignment to group or product
The test or product can be directly allocated to a group of candidates. For example, a physics test would be assigned to the candidates preparing for medical and non-medical entrance examinations

Create Certificate

Create Customized Certificates

Certify your candidates with Think Exam’s help. Admin can create certificates using an online quiz creator from pre-defined template available in the panel in which admin can add their organization’s logo, certificate title, description, date, candidate’s name, marks achieved and signature.

Once the test is created using a Quiz Creator please follow the below steps to assign certificate for any particular test:

  • GOTO create certificate and click on YES
  • According to your requirement you can choose the pre- defined template
  • Edit the template and fill all the mandatory fields as per the mentioned instructions
  • Add digital signature of the authority and date of issuing the certificate
  • Click on SAVE button
  • Publish the test
Create Certificate with Think Exam Quiz Maker